Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Passion

I love swimming. I love diving off the blocks and into the water because it sorta feels like your flying. I love racing against the person next to you because it makes you go faster. My coaches always tell me that I did great and they always make practice fun. One of my favorite things to do is when were at meets and we go to the other end of the pool and cheer my teammates on with my friends, as loud as we possibly can. I love going to away meets and going to a different pool. Some pools have super high blocks that have two steps to get up on them. I love standing on the blocks and looking at the pool right before the race starts. Of course, I love diving off the blocks that are high because it feels like your falling. Lastly I love knowing that I placed in my event because it makes you feel like you accomplished something. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

My first blog post

Hi!!! my name is Abby, I like to swim, run and do triathlons. We will be doing many genius hour projects this year. I am excited for the cardboard challenge that our ELA class is doing. We will be making arcade games out of cardboard!